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PSYCHO THOUGHTS - Dan asks whether it’s normal to constantly imagine your friends dying or think about how easy it would be to murder someone or feel a strange urge to jump from high places.

new video :D if you guys help me out by reblogging this i’ll follow a bunch of you who do to say thanks! i hope you enjoy.

Just pleased it’s not just me :)

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Ten of the Best Storybook Cottage Homes Around the World

These 10 fairy tale inspired cottages with their hand-made details call to mind the tales of the Brothers Grimm and other fantasy stories. All of these cottages are real-life homes from around the world. From stunning cottage houses to mystical stone dwellings, these 10 storybook cottage homes provide inspiration and inspire the imagination.

  1. Hobbit House - Rotorua, New Zealand
  2. Winckler Cottage - Vancouver Island, Canada
  3. Akebono kodomo-no-mori Park, Japan
  4. Wooden Cottage - Białka Tatrzańska, Tatra Mountains, Poland
  5. Blaise Hamlet - Bristol, England
  6. Willa Kominiarski Wierch - Zakopane, Poland
  7. Forest House - Efteling, The Netherlands
  8. Cottage in the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette - Versailles, France
  9. Cob House - Somerset, United Kingdom
  10. The Spadena House - Beverly Hills, California, United States

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Can You Picture That- The Electric Mayhem featuring Travis Barker

Can’t believe the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd! I would have been going freaking crazy if I’d been there. Freaking love the muppets <3

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